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January 2023 - Current

US inventory: old forests cover area larger than California
The Biden administration has identified more than 175,000 square miles of old growth and mature forests on U.S. government lands.

Experts on old-growth forests review the federal inventory of older forests
Dr. Dominick DellaSalla, chief scientist at Wild Heritage, and Dr. Richard Birdsey at Woodwell Climate Research Center comprehensively review what they find and do not find in the inventory.

Kentucky Residents Angered by U.S. Forest Service Logging Plan That Targets Mature Trees
Biden pledged to protect old-growth trees, but proposed clear-cutting in national forests collides with climate policy.

Biden admin may boost carbon storage in national forests –

January 2022 - December 2022

Scientists call for stepped up protections of primary forests on the Tongass for their climate and biodiversity values

Nearly 100 scientists call on the BC government to protect primary forests
Covered by The Globe and Mail and Canada Press and NRDC

Dr. DellaSala’s Testimony on Wildfires and Climate Change

Protecting the Tongass rainforest in Alaska

Logging controversy over wildfires in eastern Oregon

Help restore degraded lands and manage wildland fires safely!

Help restore degraded lands and manage wildland fires safely!